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One Dress: Three Ways (beachy casual, Brooklyn cool and work smart)


It’s always a little sad to pack away my summer clothes. It’s kind of a soothing ritual from my childhood; a way to positively transition from the warmer seasons to the colder ones. There’s a certain melancholy and nostalgia that goes with putting away bright beach clothing and unpacking darker, heavier winter pieces. But then, suddenly things don’t seem so bad when I pull out a pair of boots I almost forgot about or a sweater I can’t wait to cozy up in. It’s almost like getting a whole new wardrobe.

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Why Keeping Up With Current Events is Important… Plus, a quick quiz to test your world-leader knowledge


I have this irrational fear that one day I’m going to get stopped on the street candid-camera style by a TV host who’ll rapidly quiz me on the names of the top officials running this country. Who’s the vice president? Who is the secretary of state? What about the secretary of defense or the Senate majority leader? I’ll admit, I know who the vice president is (Joe Biden, hello!). But the rest? I’d have to think for a minute before I answered, if I knew their names at all. So when it comes to the officials of other countries, you can imagine how my knowledge is lacking. Even though there’s a lot more to these politicians than their names (like the policies they align themselves with), knowing who they are is the first step.

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S&S Mix: A cool NYC summer date idea, four beauty faves and more

This is sort of a mishmash post, a relatively new thing for Sugar & Spice. I have lots that I want to share with you (yes, you!) and I figured, why not put it all together. So the Sugar & Spice Mix was born (look for these kinds of posts more often!). (P.S. These are some of my favorite shots that Tom has taken for the blog, partly because we were right outside my apartment.)

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5 Must-Read Blogs (Fashion, food and more!)

Chances are you read a blog (or ten) regularly (oh, hello!). But what if you’re a little lost when it comes to the blogosphere? Or, like me, you’re always looking for a new, informative, colorful site to pour over daily?

I’ve spent the last year and a half absorbed in blogs during my downtime. I came across blogs that were great, some that didn’t quite hold my attention, and others that I immediately fell in love with — and read nearly every day. They’ve made me snort with laughter, provided great NYC date ideas, and inspired me to cook more. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Humans of New York (HONY)
It’s perfect for you… if you don’t have time to read long articles and you want a pick-me-up that makes you think.

The m.o.: HONY’s creator, Brandon Stanton (who now has a New York Times best-selling HONY book), expertly pairs photos with illuminating, often haunting quotes from each of his subjects. His photo blog is truly a moving experience.

What to expect: Some teary-eyed reading. HONY makes you realize there is a lot of pain - and a lot of happiness - in the world, and whatever place you’re in at the moment, you’re not alone.

2. The Man Repeller (TMR)
It’s perfect for you… if you love fashion and you’re all about embracing your quirkiness.

The m.o.: TMR creator Leandra Medine has made quite a name for herself in the fashion blogger world. In my mind, she’s got the most unique and fearless style, but also isn’t afraid to be totally goofy. TMR is a style blog with a sense of humor - it doesn’t take itself too seriously, just like Leandra. Read more about how cool the blog is here, in one of my earlier Sugar & Spice posts.

What to expect: A funny, real-girl slant on everything from Kimye to online dating to haute couture to avocados (yes!). And there are lots of fun, daring style tips for how to wear looks like how to tie a neck scarf and why you should be wearing a pocket square.

3. How Sweet It Is
It’s perfect for you… if you love food. And delicious, easy-to-make recipes. And all things bright and fun.

The m.o.: How Sweet is Jessica Merchant’s baby (she also has her first real baby on the way and a recipe book that you can pre-order here) and let’s just say it’s droolworthy and relatable all at once. It’s not just the mouthwatering recipes, it’s her voice. She jokes that her readers are her invisible internet friends, but after reading her blog for over a year now, I feel like she is my (in)visible internet friend. She’s very herself, and will discuss everything from her opinion on the latest episode of True Blood to how she messed up a recipe before it came out the right way. She is totally human and it’s impossible not to adore her.

What to expect: Gorgeous food photos (she’s got nearly 50,000 followers on Instagram), fun, doable recipes for drinks, mexican food, salads, and desserts galore. Plus get the scoop on her life, which, even though it’s relatively normal, I find fascinating. She also has some pretty amazing beauty product reviews that she posts monthly - and none of it is sponsored. She’s just so for real, I can’t take it.

4. Suri’s Burn Book
It’s perfect for you… if work is dragging and you need a laugh, pronto.

The m.o.: Just like the infamous burn book in Mean Girls, Suri’s Burn Book is the place where “Suri Cruise” (who’s really blog creator Allie Hagan) makes snarky, totally on-point comments about celebrities’ children. Sounds horrible, but it’s actually very funny.

What to expect: Laugh-out-loud commentary on North West, Prince George, and Blue Ivy. One of my favorites (besides any photo that involves Katie Holmes) is “Suri’s” response to the Ryan Gosling/Eva Mendes pregnancy rumors: “This is the worst news I’ve heard since my life began. Cancel Christmas. Cancel everything.” 

5. Cup of Jo
It’s perfect for you… if you love the idea of getting tips on life, love, beauty and building a family from a quintessential cool Brooklyn-esque mom.

The m.o.: Joanna Goddard used to write for Glamour until she started focusing on her blog full-time. She lives in Brooklyn with her bearded husband and two young boys. I can get lost in her blog forever. There is something reassuring and also compelling about her posts. She’s got a lot of great tips about living in NYC and her posts are always short, sweet and thought-provoking.

What to expect: Pictures from her laidback Fire Island vacation, beauty routines from other cool-mom types around the globe, simple recipes (this garlic bread is to-die-for), ethereal hair how-tos (think romantic braids and J.Crew-like side ponytails) and little tips on what to do when you have company over, go on vacation with your significant other, etc. Her relaxed blogging style is the one that I identify with most when it comes to a “lifestyle” site.

Have you read any of these blogs before? What are your favorite blogs? I’d love to hear.

Xoxo, H

Photos, from top: Man Repeller, Cup of Jo and How Sweet it Is. The How Sweet recipe pictured is here. It’s Chipotle Beer Shrimp Quesadillas with Spicy Guac. I know… stop drooling! ;)

Summer Bucket List

Right about this time of the summer, as soon as mid-July hits, I feel a sense of panic. It’s that summer-is-almost-over feeling. I can feel it slipping away, even while I’m relaxing on the beach (so much for living in the moment!). August slides so quickly into September and cooler weather, and summer seems shorter and more hectic each year. A good kind of hectic, but still… So, now is the time for a bucket list.

Sure, summer’s about half over, but bucket lists are kind of cathartic. Maybe you feel like you never have time amidst the birthdays, graduations and weddings to do something you want to do. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try a certain restaurant, or camp by a lake, or see the sun set on the beach. Now’s the time to do something for yourself - so get planning! Sometimes just the excitement of brainstorming is enough to inspire you to try new things and take some chances, step outside of the box. Here’s my own little list so far:

1. Go to a winery in eastern Long Island. I especially like One Woman, a small vineyard that is mostly hand-planted by the owner, and Pindar, which has a deck out back overlooking their gorgeous vineyards, often with live music.

2. Watch a sunrise/sunset in Montauk.

3. Borrow my boyfriend’s surf board so I can flail around in the breaking waves and pretend I’m a surfer.

4. Go dancing with my best friends on Fire Island.

5. Finish a fun beach read (these two look really good) and a non-fiction book I’ve been meaning to read (like this biography).

Keep it short, make it simple but specific, and don’t get too discouraged if you don’t check off every item. List activities that are realistically inexpensive and that are accessible to you. (I.e. traveling to Tulum, Mexico? Maybe a bit of a stretch.)

And why not share it with others? Your list is even more likely to happen once you get others involved and excited!

Xoxo, H

P.S. More bucket list inspo here (a previous Sugar & Spice post) and from one of my favorite bloggers, here.

Photo via Pinterest.

How to Survive the NYC Summer Heat


A simple tip for keeping your cool during
the sweltering, meltdown days of summer –
wherever you live

When I moved to Brooklyn in May of last year, I realized how insufferable the summer can be (in New York City) - and let me tell you, I live for the warm weather. I grew up without AC, and always prided myself on not needing polar temps to survive my favorite season - yet the humidity and oven-like temps in the subways (and in my own apartment) drive me crazy now. And dressing for my walk to the subway each morning (I’m usually already sweaty by the time I’m swiping my Metrocard) and also for frigid office temps can be a challenge.

I picked up this simple tip from a woman who was doing my nails at Beauty Bar - a cool, kitschy bar in Gramercy. (You basically pay for a martini and get a free manicure - which is bound to be smudged by the time you leave, but it’s still a lot of fun.) I was telling the manicurist how I found the city unbearable last summer, which was so upsetting to me, and she said: "You know what the trick is? Give yourself tons of time." I prodded her to explain more.

"When you’re rushing to the subway, of course you’re sweaty and hating the weather. I always give myself an extra half hour or so to get somewhere, and then I can really take my time and stay cool. And of course, all I drink is iced coffee."

She has a great point. More often than not, I’m rushing to make a train, which gets 10 times more stressful in the summer: Picture me bumbling down the street, dodging grandmas and slow walkers, rushing to make a train to Long Island for the weekend, carrying super-packed, heavy bags and too much stuff in my hands. And it’s 2 million degrees outside. So much fun! (I know, I do it to myself.) But isn’t summer supposed to be about lazy, languid days and just taking it slow? Yes! I’ve come to realize that when I do give myself extra time, my commute feels downright breezy. If you’re always on time or early, this might be a given for you. But for me, it’s literally changed my outlook on traveling and commuting through the city, especially in the summer.

Less rushing means more enjoying the moment (when was the last time you had the chance to savor every. single. sip of a delicious iced coffee?) and a better mood when you reach your destination. So cheers to taking it slow, wherever you’re headed this summer.

Xoxo, H


Photos via Pinterest.

This summer, if there’s one piece of clothing that you
invest in to wear everywhere, make it a white blazer

Slip one on - wear it normally or for an It-girl look, drape it just over your shoulders - and boost the chic factor of any outfit you’re wearing, no matter how casual. Sure it’s hot and sweaty outside, but inside at the events you’ll attend this summer - weddings especially - the AC will be blasting. Swap your cardigan for a blazer. This one is a creme color, but any variation of white will do.

You can literally wear it with anything. For a night out, pair it with dark-wash jeans and heels. For day, try light-wash jeans (a baggier, boyfriend style looks extra cool) with flat or wedge sandals. At work, add it to slim-fit slacks and a loose, colorful top. A fashion dare: Wear a white blazer over your swimsuit for a glam cover up. Don’t be afraid to wear white on white too! (Just be sure your shades of white match, mixing a bright white and a creme color will look off.)

Here you have my favorite pairing: layered over a go-to wedding outfit. Summer is the time when our schedules are full of invites: weddings, reunions (I just went to my 10-year high school reunion - it was actually a lot of fun!), graduations and other dressy soirees and parties. By adding the blazer, your go-to dress is trendier in a subtle way. Plus there is something just so summer about a white blazer. (P.S. I wear mine all year long, but I wear it more in the warmer months.) A few white blazer picks to check out: here, here and here. I tend to go for a tuxedo-like style, that’s a little longer and looser. There are also sleeveless blazers (this one's on sale at Zara for $40!), perfect for summer.

Worried about wearing too much white to a wedding? Save white on white for this weekend - the 4th! - or your friend’s rooftop/backyard party. As long as you have other colors in your wedding look, you’re golden, or rather, the crème de la crème!

I hope you all have the most wonderful, fun, relaxing 4th of July weekend. I’m heading to Pennsylvania… I plan on getting lost in a book, eating way too much and swimming in the lake (not in that order!). If you’re interested, feel free to follow me on Instagram, where I’ll be sharing some of my favorite moments.

Xoxo, H

Photos by Tom Schelling.

Sugar & Spice Summer 2014 Playlist (It’s Roger Approved!)


Ah, the songs of summer. You hear one from when you were 16 and you’re immediately transported to hot sticky days that were all about (the end of?) innocence, loads of free time, bike rides with friends and long hours at the beach. Below are some of the tunes that, years from now, will transport us back to memories from this summer.

There’s the feel-good summer song that you blast in the car with your friends on the way to the beach, windows all the way down, driving fast, the wind whipping through your hair, singing together as loudly as you can. It’s freedom and love and happiness all in one bubbly musical explosion. 

Then there’s the sweet romantic song of the summer. The one that makes you think of stolen kisses on the beach as the sun sets, and the way he looks at you in that sundress. 

And of course, the dance song - the one you just have to request from the DJ so you and your peeps can rock out, the warm buzz of Corona and tequila sunrise filling your veins, as you dance until the sun goes down. 

Can you imagine summer without music? This Sugar & Spice Spotify playlist - 25 songs - is a mix of new and old. Whatever your style, there’s a song for you. As a note, you’ll need a Spotify account to listen. (If you want to play directly in Spotify, go here: Sugar & Spice Summer Playlist. Once you sign in, you should be able to save the playlist, add to it, etc., from there!) I hope you enjoy!

Xoxo, H ♡

P.S. That’s Roger the wheaten at the top, chilling in the shade on Fire Island. These songs have his stamp of approval, so you know they’re good.

Photo of Roger by Tom Schelling.

To my awesome readers:
I hope you’re enjoying your summer so far (it officially starts this Saturday, June 21st)!
I am so excited to announce that I started a new job this month. I absolutely love it and I’m so happy to be there. I’ve been posting less (I was on the job hunt before that), but regular twice-a-week posts will be back, starting Tuesday, July 1. Look for the ultimate summer playlist, Sugar & Spice style, and the key wardrobe piece you need for a glam look at summer weddings and parties.
As always, thank you for reading. Have a wonderful week — be sure to take a few minutes to soak up some sunshine and really enjoy these summer moments! They fly by so fast…
Xoxo, H ♥
Photo via Pinterest.

To my awesome readers:

I hope you’re enjoying your summer so far (it officially starts this Saturday, June 21st)!

I am so excited to announce that I started a new job this month. I absolutely love it and I’m so happy to be there. I’ve been posting less (I was on the job hunt before that), but regular twice-a-week posts will be back, starting Tuesday, July 1. Look for the ultimate summer playlist, Sugar & Spice style, and the key wardrobe piece you need for a glam look at summer weddings and parties.

As always, thank you for reading. Have a wonderful week — be sure to take a few minutes to soak up some sunshine and really enjoy these summer moments! They fly by so fast…

Xoxo, H ♥

Photo via Pinterest.

What to Wear… To a Glamorous Nonprofit Event

The Event: Glamour in the City, a trendy happy hour fundraiser that I’m attending on Wednesday, June 4, at Ainsworth Park in NYC, to support the nonprofit GlamourGals (GG).

GG encourages high school and college students to provide complimentary makeovers and companionship to the elderly living in senior homes. The positive impact is twofold: leadership opportunities and professional growth for the volunteers, and a renewed sense of respect and beauty for the elderly women. It’s an organization that is necessary, inspiring and very close to my heart. 

Glamour in the City is GG’s big event for young philanthropists of NYC - people who care about making a difference, and who also want to mingle and dance. There’s an open bar, door prizes, a DJ, raffles and lots of fabulous people. If you’re in the NYC area, grab a few of your closest friends and head there after work. You can snap up the last few tickets here and you can also purchase them at the door on the night of.

The Style Tip: A little black dress (LBD) is perfect for an event like Glamour in the City. For a cool, unique twist, try layering it over a bright top or button-up. It does two things: gives you a pop of color (the GlamourGals color is hot pink!) and makes the look stand out among a sea of similar dresses. 

Can you tell I was channeling Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s with the pearls, sunglasses and undo?!

Hope to see you at Glamour in the City!

Xoxo, H

Photos by Tom Schelling.

Learn more about GlamourGals here.

Hey there, I'm Heather, creator of Sugar & Spice. I blog about fashion, NYC living and people who inspire me. Thanks for reading! ♡ P.S. Three things about me: I love getting lost in a book. My favorite place to be is the beach, specifically Fire Island. I am thrilled to be living and working in NYC - I've dreamed of it since high school. ♡

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